Kath Berry is heralded as one of Ibiza’s most popular practitioners, treating visiting celebrities as
well as Ibiza’s local residents – who are the heartbeat of the island. Below are some of the online
publications she is featured in

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 Charlotte Whitestone, Founder of the Association of Community and Multibed Acupuncture Clinics (ACMAC), UK. Visit to Ibiza, August 2017.

“This week I had the good fortune to have a treatment from Kath Berry for neck and upper back pain. I was expecting just acupuncture but got so much more! Once Kath understood what my basic issue was I was straight up on the treatment couch, and she started massaging me. Kath has worked with TCM and massage her whole adult life and it was immediately apparent that she knew what she was doing. She said she likes to get her information direct from the body, and I could feel her expertly exploring my musculature, identifying and working on problem areas.
After that Kath used Chinese cupping on my back to improve blood circulation to tissues that had become starved through tension. This felt great, a strong sucking session.And then on to the acupuncture. I’ve had plenty of acupuncture in my time and I’m very fussy about who needles me – no need to worry with Kath, whose needle technique was gentle and sensitive but again got right to the point.
And then more! After the needles has been in about 20 minutes, Kath guided me through a mediation that invited me to identify experiences of stress and calm, as a way to better understand how my mental state creates the pain that led me to need treatment. And to ultimately understand that if my mind affects my body that way, then having a different, healthier mental outlook can help me heal myself.
As I emerged from the session I truly felt ‘different’, by which I mean that something had altered in my body mind for good. I’ve been working with these changes in the days since, and the layers have kept revealing themselves.
Kath is a wise and very experienced healer. She is clearly passionate about her practice and about doing the very best in every treatment. I wholeheartedly recommend her”.