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What to expect

Kath is a doer not a talker.
Your first consultation will be a brief conversation about what is going on and your presenting problem –
but instead of talking about it, Kath will conduct a hands on full TCM assessment.
This means palpating and massaging predominantly the head, neck shoulders and upper back.
Lower back and legs assessment may be included, depending on your problem however the majority of
cases the problem is stress-related tension in the upper body.
By deeply massaging the areas of tension prior to acupuncture, Kath can determine the most suitable
points to use.
There are hundreds of acupuncture points, so it is important to be accurate to be effective.
Cupping therapy is often used afterwards, the intensity of which is determined by your needs. Cupping
can leave red marks, however this can be avoided by sliding the cups – the movement reduces blood
pooling in one area.
Cupping feels awesome.
Imagine a reverse massage: instead of pushing and pressing, the muscles are pulled and grabbed, like
kneading bread dough.
Fine, stainless steel acupuncture needles are then inserted in 8 – 10 locations.
The sensation of acupuncture is like having a hair removed (during insertion) followed by an electrical
‘zap’ feeling.
While unusual, it is not painful.
The needles are retained for approximately 20 minutes during which time you will feel profoundly calm,
entering into a deep meditational state of relaxation.
This is sometimes followed by euphoria – a pleasant feeling of elation.
Kath has additional training in psychological strategies to help you cope with every day stresses in life.
Using guided meditation techniques, in conjunction with physical therapies, she can help you achieve
profound shifts in how you think, feel and see the world.

What is expected of you

Because Kath has a busy appointment schedule she is punctual and keeps to time. The same is expected of you. At the time of making an appointment you are committing to turning up at the agreed time. Changes to appointments 48 hours in advance require a 50% payment. Rescheduling, cancelling or not attending within 24 hours require a full 100% payment. This helps Kath to deliver a professional service and prioritise caring for clients who are committed to achieving their health goals.


AcuDetox: Combined Acupuncture, Massage and Cupping
95€ (80 min)   6 sessions 535€
70€ (50 min)   6 sessions 395€
Liver/Lung Cleanse: Combined AcuDetox & RealNaturo 8 week detox program: 800€
Debit and credit cards accepted along with PayPal and cash.


Kath works in two professional locations Santa Eulalia and Marina Botafoch, Ibiza Spain.

MedSpa Marina Botafoch
Edificio Nueva: Calle Gregal 5, local 19 07800
Opposite the Centro de Salud de Vila Hospital

Centre of Santa Eulalia town
Carrer San Vincente 13, Level 2 Santa Eulalia 07840
“Restaurant Street” adjacent to the Town Hall